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Why does everybody hate Jesus?!

2012-09-08 12:19:31 by over0001

I for, LOVE Christ, and will never disrespect him in any way possible.

yes, i get it, this place is not for people to get religious, but what i'm REALLY sick of is the atheists constantly, but slowly, taking over the internet, and always spamming: "we want proof, we want proof." and it BREAKS MY HEART hearing them just going on and disrespecting Christians everywhere..

But, why does EVERYONE on this brain-dead site have to put on such hatred..

Yeah, i know, not everyone is stupid, and they even have a brain. However, i end this post with this: Why go through so much trouble disrespecting God, and his son Jesus?

Just why people?.... :(

Why does everybody hate Jesus?!


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